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Regulation and Routing Model

Terms of Reference

  1. Coordinate the review and development of an updated and improved hydrologic routing and regulation model for the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River system. The overall objectives are to develop a model that:

    1. efficiently and accurately simulates water levels and connecting channel flows in the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence River system through Montreal given user-specified net basin supply scenarios;
    2. employs modern computer programming tools, techniques, and best-practices;
    3. is supported by appropriate documentation and instructions for operation;
    4. is a valuable tool for a wide variety of users and purposes and is adaptable to changing user needs and requirements.
  2. Engage with current and potential model users and coordinate a review and summary document of specific user needs and requirements for the updated model.
  3. Coordinate with other Subcommittees and IJC Boards of Control to review and incorporate currently accepted datasets and methodologies for simulation of water levels and flows in lakes and connecting channels, while ensuring flexibility in this regard. Additionally, identify any related gaps or potential areas of improvement.
  4. Coordinate with IJC Boards of Control and others on requirements for modeling of regulation plans and hydrologic impacts, including accurate simulation of the existing plans for operational purposes, as well as the ability to substitute alternative regulation strategies as part of potential adaptive management efforts.

Last revised:  2017-09-27