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Terms of Reference

  1. The Coordinating Committee is an ad hoc committee of experts from Federal agencies of the United States and Canada charged with the responsibility for collecting, compiling, use, or dissemination of data related to hydraulics, hydrology, vertical control and water levels for the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence River System.
  2. The geographic scope of interest is the Great Lakes, their connecting channels, and the St. Lawrence River.
  3. The Coordinating Committee serves in an advisory capacity and provides international standardization of hydrologic and hydraulic data for the Federal agencies involved in monitoring and managing water quantity within the Great Lakes, connecting channels and the St. Lawrence River.
  4. The role of the Coordinating Committee is to support and facilitate agreement on the methods and procedures used by the agencies in collecting and computing related data as well as the publication and distribution of coordinated data and results.
  5.  To the extent practicable determine and report the uncertainty in the basic data that are coordinated.
  6. The Members of the Coordinating Committee should be those actively involved in the joint federal agencies that have water management or related oversight of the Great Lakes.
  7. The size of the membership (of the Coordinating Committees and its Subcommittees) should be maintained within economic means and workable numbers.
  8.  These terms of reference shall be reviewed at least every five years.  

Last updated: February 22, 2016