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Terms of Reference

  1. Review, coordinate and document Great Lakes – St. Lawrence River System field methods as required to suit best practices for conducting hydraulic discharge and other hydraulic measurements.
  2. Coordinate, maintain and document a database of bi-national discharge measurements.
  3. Review, coordinate, and document the methodologies for computing records of streamflow for the Great Lakes Connecting Channels and the St. Lawrence River.
  4. Compute and coordinate the streamflow records.  Monthly flow records are computed and coordinated as required for forecast/regulation models. Historical records of coordinated streamflows are revised if warranted by new methodologies or new information.
  5. Coordinate the data used for the development and (or) modification of hydraulic models for the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence River System; including, but not limited to bathymetry, stage, and velocity data.
  6. Document development of all hydraulic models for the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence River System and provide information on their status.
  7. Document and coordinate diversions into and out of the Great Lakes and related metadata.
  8. Continuously monitor for possible conveyance change on the St. Clair-Detroit River System.

Last revised:  2017-09-27