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What Does “Coordinate” Mean?

Coordination of hydraulic, hydrologic and vertical control data through the Coordinating Committee has historically meant the process to agree upon a single value for each quantity.  With the proliferation of different methods to determine hydraulic, hydrologic and vertical control data, the Coordinating Committee is now utilizing a coordination process that involves:

1) Identification of available datasets,

2) Evaluation of the tools used to create these datasets,

3) Examine methods to aggregate/combine/determine compatibility of these datasets, and

4) Document and communicate steps 1-3 More loosely the term coordination also refers to the sharing of information on individual agency efforts related to basic data collection and computation. There are multiple agencies of both the Canadian and U.S. Federal Governments that have a shared role in management of water quantity in the Great Lakes.  The information discussed at the semi-annual meetings of the Coordinating Committee is invaluable and results in efficiencies to the benefit of all the individual agencies.

Last revised:  2017-09-27