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Activity Timeline Status
Complete bi-national plan for IGLD (2020) and present to the Coordinating Committee for approval 2018 Completed
Choose and adopt a W0 as the new IGLD reference zero 2015 Completed
Identify potential partners/users who can help develop and implement IGLD (2020) 2016-2023 Underway
Digitize and archive old leveling information, as required 2016-2023 Underway
Perform annual maintenance and leveling ties at permanent water level gauges 2016-2024 Underway
Perform analysis of permanent gauging requirements and prioritize new proposed gauges Completed (CO-OPS), 2023 (CHS) Underway
Adjust and publish 2015 GPS campaign survey results 2017 Completed
Complete preparation of internationally coordinated methodologies for determining heights using GNSS surveys and local leveling at tie gauges 2017-2018 Completed
Complete preparation of international outreach and communications plan, and begin implementation 2017-2020 Completed
Review historic water level data for re-evaluation of Low Water Datum (LWD) 2017-2018 Completed
Reanalyze and compare all GPS campaign surveys from 1997, 2005, 2010, 2015 to estimate preliminary rates of movement 2017-2018 Completed
Perform analysis of seasonal gauging requirements and prioritize locations 2017-2023 Underway
Continue annual installations of seasonal water level gauges with GPS and leveling ties 2017-2023 Underway
Perform 2021 GNSS campaign survey in Great Lakes – St. Lawrence River system, including entity gauges (delayed from Summer 2020 and 2021) Summer 2022 Delayed
Adopt North American geoid model for IGLD (2020) 2025 Delayed
Create crustal movement models for the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence River system using GNSS campaigns and CORS/CACS data 2023 Planned
Complete seasonal water level gauging 2023 Planned
Determine hydraulic correctors 2024 Planned
Determine new Low Water Datum on lakes and rivers with respect to IGLD (2020) 2025 Planned
Determine and publish transformations between IGLD (2020) and other datums, including IGLD (1985) 2025 Planned
Perform 2025 GNSS campaign survey to help validate velocities at permanent gauges 2025 Planned
Publish new IGLD (2020) 2025 Planned
Publish final IGLD (2020) report 2026 Planned